Company history

The Company "PL-Mechanik GmbH & Co.KG" was founded by Patrick Lamprecht and his parents Beate and Thomas Ramsperger. The company was placed in the basement of a private house in Neuhausen. The company focused on the finishing and polishing of hard metal surfaces and precision mechanical processing of high-purity and high-melting metals.

The premises had become too small, so that the first new building was built in the industrial area in Neuhausen "Am Wasenbrunnen 12" in 2000. In may 2001, the company moved into the new building. Meanwhile, the company had grown to 5 employees and the machinery had expanded.

The business transformed into a limited company.  The name changed to PLM GmbH & Co.KG.

PLM has been certified to ISO 9001 standards.

Construction of a new company building "Am Sägewerk 11" in Neuhausen. The management placed special emphasis on ecological and sustainable construction.  The former workshop production became a modern industrial company with future-oriented processing machines. The PLM invested in new machinery and grew up to 18 employees.

Mr Ramsperger left the company.

PLM GmbH & Co. KG reverted to PLM GmbH.

PLM is investing in new technologies and is planning to introduce environmental certification next year. The training of future professionals is a key concern of the family-owend company. PLM trains annually two apprentices and the workforce grows to a total of 30 employees.