Manufacturing technology

For producing high-quality prototypes, small series and series-produced parts made of special materials such as high-purity and high-melting-point metals, we have diverse manufacturing technologies spread over a production area of 1,100 square meters that give us a vertical range of manufacture (not considering raw materials) of almost 100 percent.

Laser technology

  • 2D-precision-laser-cutting center for working precision sheet-metals to sheet thicknesses of 0.01 to 3.0 mm
  • Shielding-gas laser welding
  • Laser marking

Bending technology

In the area of precision sheet-metal, bending parts can be bent by a high-precision CNC-bending machine. This procedure can be particularly economical for small batch sizes and prototypes, as no bending devices are required.

Grinding and lapping technology

  • In grinding operations, many machines are used for flat and round grinding, from manual grinding up to five-axis CNC with automation.
  • Where demands for flatness, parallelism and surface quality are very high, we use the lapping process.

Milling technology

For our milling work we also have a large machinery plant, from conventional machines up to a five-axis machining center. Automation also increases the repeat-accuracy and efficiency.

Lathe technology

Of course, lathes are a must-have in every production line. The processing is handled by conventional and CNC-controlled lathes.

Spark erosion technology

Especially for hard brittle metals such as tungsten and tungsten carbide or for complex contours, we employ our die-sinking and wire EDM machines.

Heat treatment

If necessary we can submit the material to stress-relief annealing, to preserve the accuracy requirements in the ┬Ám range.

Soldering technology

Hard- and soft-soldering complements our claim to an extensive vertical range of manufacture.

With our team of highly motivated, open-minded and innovative professionals, we can also put these technologies into practice efficiently. Here we can draw on our many years of expertise. For new challenges we are constantly ready to bring forward new technologies, working together on projects with research institutes and machine manufacturers.